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Toledo’s going to be the next great city.

“The Academic Affiliation will help our region by keeping more doctors here at home. I see a tremendous rebirth. A renaissance. Toledo’s going to step into its destiny. I feel the energy in the air.”

Jerry Jones
Chairman & Founder, Woodlands Consulting Group

Attract and retain top talent
One purpose, and a guiding principle of the Academic Affiliation, is to recruit and retain top students and physicians to Toledo in order to build a strong pipeline of professional medical talent.

In the past, many students graduated from the College of Medicine and left for residencies and fellowships in other communities. Through the Academic Affiliation, The University of Toledo College of Medicine and ProMedica are working together to retain these talented physicians to provide and increase access to care in our community.

Jerry Jones, founder of Woodlands Consulting Group, believes the Affiliation will help prevent the loss of top talent from the Toledo region and will be an attraction for medical students.

“It’s going to attract the brightest students to this area,” he says. “We can give them the opportunity to be part of a system, with The University of Toledo and ProMedica, that will really help them be better doctors.”

Already, the Academic Affiliation has attracted new specialists in internal medicine, urology and anesthesiology and critical care medicine. These physicians were influenced by the expanding opportunities to pursue research and provide clinical leadership in a growing academic medical center.